Herta Haus(s)mann

* 2.12.1916  Nürnberg, † 1999 Paris

Because of her jewish background she 1938 moved to France, soon struck up an alliance with Nicolas de Staël. Her paintings depicted expanses of water and sky, in a style approximating to that of the 'nuagistes'. She exhibited in Paris around 1955 at the Salon de la Jeune Peinture and the Salon d'Automne.)


Wald, 1967

7farbig: grau, rosa, hellblau, dunkelblau, rot, sepia, schwarz
ARTA Nr. 1377

Bildgrösse: 34 x 44 cm
Blattgrösse: 39 x 50 cm

Preis: Fr. 80.00